Hebrew Speaking Countries

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1.1 Countries
1.2 Total No. Of Countries
Spanish Speakin..
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Bhojpuri Speaking Countries
1.3 National Language
1.4 Second Language
1.5 Speaking Continents
Africa, Asia, Europe
1.6 Minority Language
1.7 Regulated By
Academy of the Hebrew Language
1.8 Interesting Facts
  • The original language of Bible is Hebrew.
  • The men and women use different verbs in hebrew language.
1.9 Similar To
Arabic and Aramaic languages
1.10 Derived From
Aramaic Language

Hebrew Countries

Hebrew is one of the important languages. Hebrew countries are the countries where Hebrew is used for interaction between citizens and government officials. Hebrew countries are the countries where Hebrew is main language. In Hebrew countries, all the official documents are written in Hebrew language. In Hebrew speaking countries, various Hebrew Dialects are spoken. Each Hebrew dialect has it's own pronunciations and words, as a result of these differences, sometimes communication problems arise between speakers from different Hebrew speaking countries. Check out detailed information About Hebrew Language.

Hebrew national language and Hebrew as a Second Language

Hebrew speaking countries include both countries with Hebrew national language and Hebrew as a second language. Check if Hebrew language is one of the Most Spoken Languages.

  • Hebrew is national language of Israel.

Compare Hebrew speaking countries with spanish speaking countries on Hebrew vs Spanish.

Second Language is a non-native language of the speaker, but used in the locality of that person.

  • Hebrew is second language of Israel.

The Hebrew countries mentioned under Hebrew Speaking countries are the countries where majority of people speak Hebrew language.

Hebrew as minority language

Countries with Hebrew as minority language are also included in Hebrew speaking countries.

  • Hebrew is spoken as minority language in Poland.

Along with Hebrew speaking countries check out Hebrew speaking population. The language spoken by minority of the population of a territory is called minority language.

  • Continent wise Hebrew speaking countries mainly lie in Africa, Asia, Europe.

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Hebrew Regulator and Facts

Many world languages have one or more language regulators. The bodies that regulate standard languages are usually called language academies. Official organizations that regulate Hebrew language are Hebrew regulators. Hebrew is regulated by Academy of the Hebrew Language. The regulatory bodies of Hebrew lie in Hebrew speaking countries. Some of the interesting facts of Hebrew:

  • The original language of Bible is Hebrew.
  • The men and women use different verbs in hebrew language.

The Hebrew language is derived from Aramaic Language and is closely related to Arabic and Aramaic languages.

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